Handwoven laptop bags, smartphone sleeves, and laptop cases. Inspired by Gandhi, designed for your technology.

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Handwoven laptop bags, smartphone sleeves, and laptop cases. Inspired by Gandhi, designed for your technology.

We're raising startup capital to fund an initial run of our Khadi line of handwoven laptop bags, smartphone sleeves and laptop cases.

Our Khadi line combines classic minimalists styles, technology-inspired design, and traditional production techniques inspired by Gandhi's Khadi movement, which embraced handloom textile spinning and weaving as a means of promoting rural self employment and self-reliance. In order to maximize our positive social impact, we've partnered with the Women's Skills Development Orgnanization, a Fair Trade certified Nepali NGO that provides handicraft skills training and employment for Nepali women in need. All of our Khadi products are made by the WSDO using wood-fueled dying methods, traditional hand looms, and foot-pedal sewing machines. This means no fossil fuels or electricity are used in the production process.

Women's Skills Development Organization, Nepal from love thru a lens on Vimeo.

Why we need your help

We're ready to start production on our Khadi line, we just need the startup capital to build enough stock to sell our products online, in retail shops, and in local farmers' markets.

Vert's Story

Vert is a new social enterprise designed to create a positive social impact by using only sustainable and Fair Trade sourcing. My name is Jesse Bisignano, the founder of Vert. I developed Vert over the course of the past two years as I was completing a Master's in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. Based on work I was doing at the UN Environment Programmes Green Economy initiative, I began formulating the idea for a social enterprise that uses sustainable sourcing as a means of promoting social and economic development.

We accomplish this by partnering with suppliers that leverage ecologically-sustainable, vertically-integrated supply chains. This allows us to bring our customers premium-quality sustainable products, while ensuring that proceeds are directed towards socially beneficial enterprises.

Khadi Totes

Our Khadi Totes combine the style of a classic tote bag, with a padded laptop compartment, smartphone pocket, and zippered wallet pouch. The internal padded laptop compartment is designed for a 13" MacBook, but its also great for securely storing an iPad or DSLR camera.

Each tote is handmade by the women of the WSDO, who use traditional dying, weaving, and stitching techniques. The fabric for each tote is woven to the exact width required, which eliminates the need to cut the fabric adding strength and durability. The WSDO uses high-quality Swiss-made dyes.

Our Khadi Totes are available in solid colors or white with colored straps. Available in 11 colors. Handmade & Fair Trade. Will retail for $50.

Khadi Bags

Our Khadi Bags is made with the same fabrication techniques and laptop/pocket layout as our Khadi Tote, but with larger dimensions designed for carrying extra books or a big bag of veggies. Available in 11 limited edition colors. Handmade & Fair Trade. Will retail for $50.

Khadi 13" MacBook Cases

Our Khadi 13" MacBook Cases give you a handwoven, Fair Trade alternative to conventional cases made from petroleum-based plastic products. Our cases use natural raw cotton padding, not synthetic foams. Available in 11 limited edition colors. Fair Trade. Will retail for $20.

Khadi Smartphone Sleeves

Our Khadi Smartphone Sleeves are the perfect way to give your iPhone or Android a natural feel. Our sleeves are made from handwoven cotton, and lined with fleece to keep you screen protected and clean. Available in 11 limited edition colors. Fair Trade. iPhone sleeves are fit to iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, Android sleeve are fit to Samsung Galaxy SII or SIII. Will retail for $10.


As thanks for helping us bring our Khadi line to the public, we're rewarding all our investors with our Khadi line in 11 limited edition colors. As soon as we reach our funding goal, we'll begin production so that we can ship shortly after our campaign ends.

FREE SHIPPING within the USA. Investors can expect to receive their rewards in mid-November. Please add $10 to investments from outside the US for international shipping **

Embellishment We're also offering free embellishment on all our Khadi totes and bags.

Once we're funded, we'll ask you what color tote you want, and if/how you want to embellish each side. As a special thank you to our local supporters, we're offering a special limited edition run of South Shore edition bags that celebrate our home town of Scituate, as well as our South Shore neighbors of Marshfield, Cohasset, Hingham, Norwell and Duxbury.

Option 1: No logo

Option 2: Vert logo

Option 3: Mandala

Option 4: Peace

The South Shore Series: See gallery for pictures.

Option 5: Scituate

Side 1: Scituate, Side 2: Est. 1636

Option 6: Marshfield

Side 1: Marshfield, Side 2: Est. 1640

Option 7: Cohasset

Side 1: Cohasset, Side 2: Est. 1775

Option 8: Hingham

Side 1: Hingham, Side 2: Est. 1635

Option 9: Norwell

Side 1: Norwell, Side 2: Est. 1849

Option 10: Duxbury

Side 1: Duxbury, Side 2: Est. 1637

Thank you for all your support!

A special thanks to Shizuka Yoshihara for her amazing designs, Jenn and Antoine of Love Thru a Lens productions for the great promotional video they made for the WSDO, and Duane Bassoo of Touch Images for all the help with the photography! A further thanks to Euforia and the Dell Social Innovation Challenge for their support and encouragement.

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