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Re-imagining & rebuilding Ps561 food truck from scratch so we can continue serving up the best gourmet hot dogs in South Florida!

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Folks, we are 37% of the way towards reaching our goal!! Thank you for your support!! Please share the page and help us get there!!

Re-imagining & rebuilding Ps561 food truck from scratch so we can continue serving up the best gourmet hot dogs in South Florida!

We are asking our fans, friends, and family to invest in our small business, Ps561 food truck! After almost 2 years, our trailer in it's current state has outlived it's usefulness, and in order to stay competitive, improve our product, and move Ps561 forward, we need to purchase a new truck with efficient equipment, allowing us to expand our reach.

Stefanie and I found the current Ps561 trailer buried in a back lot in South Miami. With a lot of TLC, we transformed her into the trailer and concept that you see today. What started out as a small investment strategy has served us well. In almost 2 years we have amassed a following locally and in social media, and have been written up numerous times in the Palm Beach Post and New Times, voted the best hot dog in Palm Beach County, as well as the #51 out of #100 favorite dishes in South Florida. Our fans love our Sabrett classic dogs and Smart veggie dogs, covered with eclectic and gourmet fresh toppings nestled in a toasty, buttered, locally sourced New England hot dog rolls. We call them "too good for the lunch line." In keeping with the school theme (PS stands for public school, as in those in NYC, our area code is 561), all of our menu items are have "school" names, such as the "Math Wiz" and the "Crazy Art Teacher." We feel that we stand out in an increasingly crowded field.

The challenge lies in the design of the trailer itself. It was not originally designed for food service, but was actually for landscaping. Therefore, it has no equipment, or a hood/ventilation/fire suppression system that is required to do business in Broward County, effectively cutting us off from a large portion of the population. The cost to install in the current Ps561 exceeds the value of the trailer itself. We cook on 2 camp stoves and use a mini fridge for cold storage. In the summer time, the high humidity, along with the leaky roof, and smoke filled interior, makes Ps561 uncomfortable and unhealthy to work inside. We need a small, but efficient rig with a cold storage line, flattop grill, and full size refrigerator to stay competitive and to move our business forward, and that is why we are asking potential investors to step forward.

Thank you all for your love and support the past 2 years! We would not be doing this if not for you- Aaron and Stefanie Merullo

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