Membership library coming to Williamsburg with your support!

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Paper at The Yard

I'm hosting an event for Paper, and everyone's invited! There will be drinks, music, and even a raffle, all to benefit the curated membership library I'm hoping to bring to Williamsburg this winter. Stop by (and bring a friend!) to The Yard (33 Nassau Ave 2nd Floor) between 8-10pm tomorrow to check out what the buzz is all about.

Membership library coming to Williamsburg with your support!

A library and resource space for the creative community of Williamsburg and beyond! Offering curated shelves and free coffee 7 days a week.

I'm Beth Fiore, founder of Art Station, a multi-platform creative hub for artists, curators, and designers, and I've had the dream of opening a community reading room since I was an intern at Christie’s in 2007. At that internship, part of my time was spent re-organizing the entire Impressionist & Modern library for their specialists. It was there I realized the wealth these books contained-- a wealth rare and hard to find outside of universities and institutions.

Those who support the arts tend to the saplings and not the seeds. I've noticed a consistent flow of galleries, museums, and non-profits giving artists spaces to exhibit their work and invite a crowd to see it, but there is little that exists to give the artists the resources needed to produce. In the creative world, knowledge is largely still imprisoned in books because artist’s monographic and highly specialized trade publications are not available online.

I want to fix this restriction on creative resources by starting a reading room for the community. Paper will be a membership based library which will host artists, designer workshops, classes, and events. Paper will be located in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, right off the Lorimer stop on the L in a beautiful 1000 square foot space with backyard. We will house a curated selection with over 2,000 of the most important works on art, design, architecture, film, photography, music, literature and more. I will be housing thousands of books from my personal collection in Paper, in addition to the contributions of Adam Fitzgerald, Poet and Professor, Bruce Kreigel former Registrar at Gagosian Gallery and Ivy McFadden Senior Managing Editor at Abrams Books. Best of all, Paper won't just be a place to read. In order to bring books to life and value to the members, classes will be taught around the selections of visiting lecturers and instructors. A tentative schedule of classes and events is on the Paper website, and more will be added if the fund goal is reached for this venture. Paper will be open 7 days a week and will serve free coffee to its members

Why We're on Smallknot

Help us get creativity into this book-cladded think-tank! We aim to create a space where inspiration can be nurtured with quiet afternoons of reading and evening gatherings of New York's most curious and brightest minds. In exchange for campaign contributions, we are offering tiers of rewards, from 1/2 off memberships to free event access, and even highly coveted lending privileges.

Your investment will provide funds to help cover the initial set up expenses for Paper. These expenses include build out, done by local craftsman and sustainable builders Tri Lox and Yorkwood Furniture Co.. We will design and build furniture, bookcases, display rack for magazines and workstations. We also need money for initial rent deposit, industrial coffee maker, and more books for the space. We will augment our core library with new and used books from local bookstores like Spoonbill and Sugartown and Book Thug Nation as well keep our members caffeinated with Grady's Cold Brew one of the best local coffee suppliers

When We'll Open

We are aiming to receive funding in mid October and begin working right away. We hope to open our doors to the public and members around the holiday season this year!

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